• Floor to Ceiling picking face

  • Robotic Fleet at Your Service

  • Flexibility & Scalability on Existing Infrastructure

BionicHIVE is developing an automatic warehouse solution based on a fleet of synchronized autonomous robots that can be retrofitted onto existing warehouse infrastructure. The solution consists of multiple multidirectional autonomous robots that have 3 dimensional movement capabilities and extend the picking face from floor to ceiling.

Revolutionizing Single-Case Picking At Any Height


Bringing Mil. Spec. Reliability to Logistics

Executing Defense Industry Robotics Know-How into Warehouse Automation

Our team brings military product development expertise to the state-of-the-art logistics industry environment. This expertise consists of proven technologies such as multi-disciplinary distributed systems, image processing & analysis, dynamic data networking and much more.

Dr. Yahali Theodor

Head of Robot Behavior & Motion Control

Olivier Haddad

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Liran Raizer

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tomer Amit

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Daniel Faintuch

VP Marketing & Sales USA


BionicHIVE patent-pending technology consists of three separate expertise areas

Real-Time Software & Communication

  • Self-learning optimization algorithmic engine
  • Secured IoT protocols for inter-communication
  • Statistical data collection
  • Monitoring UI & REST services
  • Mechanical Engineering & Design

  • Patent-pending mechanical design
  • Performance simulation & analytics
  • Reliability & redundancy
  • Designed for harsh environment requirements
  • Autonomy Behavior & Motion Control

  • Motion kinematics modeling
  • Real-time embedded applications
  • Dynamic machine learning
  • Odometry and monitored telemetrics
  • SqUID is a full automatic warehouse solution that offers both flexible order fulfillment and two-way connectivity to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)


    Leverage existing infrastructure to slash CapEx

  • Enlarge storage space - more shelves on same floor area
  • Efficiency and human-error avoidance
  • Less environmental requirements over longer hours of operation
  • Continuous inventory validation & incremental cycle count
  • Full Height Picking Face

  • Add/retract and transfer workforce within the warehouse
  • Gradual implementation with minimal downtime
  • Adopts current work flow and model
  • Scalable infrastructure can grow with warehouse needs
  • Floor to Ceiling Picking Face

  • Smart “decision maker” unit
  • Automatic pattern recognition analysis
  • Versatile end manipulators & tools
  • Fully secured IoT inter-communication
  • Reliability built in through redundancy

  • Monitored robotic fleet to overcome malfunctions
  • High tolerance operation in non-precise environment
  • Preventive maintenance, power distribution data analysis
  • Data recording & Event driven data processing
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